Our small company is a family owned business, offering short or long term rentals and classic, fun and high performance cars - Ford Mustangs. Whether it's a wedding, romantic weekend, anniversary, a trip away or just a treat for yourself we make sure you arrive in style. Get your kudos by making it a Mustang Convertible. You can chose the colour! 
We are proud to be able to offer our services in the most modern and fast wat via Internet. We are able to help you tailor our services to suit your needs and requirements, be it a self-drive hire, as a gift or chauffeur driven. Just let us know by contacting us pn info@takeamustang.com.
  • Our fleet

    As all rent a car companies we too have a variety of car colors to chose from. Race Red, Orange Fury or Lightning Blue. chose your color to match your shirt, underwear or mood. One slight limitation - it must be a Ford Mustang. We just would't dare risk your life in another car!
  • Why Choose us

    It's simple - you won't want to chose any other rent service if you want to drive with style and be able to impress your friends, have real fun visiting the whole island and getting what you wanted. Ask our staff about the special Mustang VIP card and you'll know why you have to chose us.
  • Cars with style and 100% kudos guarantee

    We are proud of our fleet of Mustangs. These car guarantee you the ability to shine on the streets of Malta, fastest rides and 100% of posible kudos from everybody watching you drive.